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Looking for guild

Soul Shriven
A few of my friends and I looking to join an Ebonheart Pact guild that mainly uses Discord. The main reason we are looking for an Ebonheart guild is for PvP, but we are also interested in PvE, Dungeons, Trials, Trade and possibly RP. Man I hope this works, we have been looking for weeks.
  • Gobannus
    Hey bud check out Skål, we may have what you are looking for. See below:

    Skål - PC/Mac – NA
    Recently, other PC/NA players and I have come together to create a new guild, Skål.

    Our intent is to make end game content available to those who would like to see it, regardless of their current level, skill, or knowledge of the content.

    Far too many times have I seen other players (and friends, myself) get turned down from doing content because they don't meet the DPS required, then when they do meet the numbers, they get turned down because they don't have experience in that content, or don't know the right people to get the invite. We aim to change this.

    Participation in Skål is simple, join up, do content with guild mates, strive to improve and learn. There are no minimum level or CP requirements and no DPS parse requirements. Our requirements are to have fun while being willing to learn and improve. We all must understand that vet Trials have certain marks that need to be hit, and we will work together to get there.

    Our goals include playing and succeeding at all the PVE content the game has to offer: normal and vet dungeons, trials, DSA. We also will PVP (Ebonheart Pact for official guild pvp) from time to time.

    We are currently looking for both members who want to learn, and members who can help lead and teach how to complete these runs.

    We have a guild site for organization and a discord available, as well as tabards for your characters.

    Please see our site for more information and the application to join:
    and if you have any questions ask away!

    A little further information about us:
    Why Skål?
    Skål, literally translated means bowl or cup in several Scandinavian languages/dialects. In many places it has turned into the exclamation used when we English speakers might say "cheers!". It is a toast, offering well wishes, or congratulations for a success. We strive for these moments.

    What is Skål's purpose?
    To bring together ESO players who want to see all the content the game has to offer. Trials are a bit of an exclusionary thing and many people never get in withh the right crowd to see them. We hope to change that, as well as hit other types of content like Dungeons, Dragonstar and [EP]PVP.

    When is the guild active?
    Guild events will be scheduled on USA Eastern Time (-4). Actual event times will be scheduled in a manner that can hopefully include the bulk of our players. With members in the USA, Europe and Australia this may not always work out but we will do our best to accommodate and recruit to fill rosters for several different times of activity. Most official events will likely occur on the weekends to help meet these needs. Do not let it stop you from organizing your own teams any time you're online however!

    We are a new end-game guild for everyone. No experience/dps parse/etc required, just the willingness to learn and progress.
    Our website:
    Our Discord:
  • Corphious
    Hello, cac289!
    I am leading a guild that has mostly EP players, though we serve... the "others" as well. We do mostly PvE content but some of our members would like to group up for PvP content as well. The guild is a part of a larger organization, known as Damage Incorporated. Damage Inc (Recruitment Post) is a multi-gaming community that caters to many needs. We are currently rebuilding our guild within Elder Scrolls. Take at our recruitment page and send either myself (@toxicenigma) or @aralornx an in-game friend invite and we can get you set up.

    Happy Gaming!
    “I bet if you spoke your mind you’d be speechless.”
    PC - NA
    Damage Incorporated
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