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Blade of the Dark Moon Recruiting (Casual Solo/CO-OP Guild)

Blade of the Dark Moon are looking for new members.

-We arrive to help others who ask for help in zone chat, then recruit them, any level. (If they want to join) And we help our own if anyone requires it.
-Optional promotions available to those who want to progress and gain rank in our ranking system, which rewards you when you reach each milestone. (More details in-game. Similar to Dark Souls where you offer particular items)
-Notifications will pop up in guild chat for all members who feel like they want to join up and complete a few dungeons, farm sets, and take part in other activities together.
-We aim to get any trader we can each week for members to sell things.
-We have a guild hall with all crafting stations and a training dummy to test your new armour set abilities.
-We communicate with either mics, or text chat, whatever you prefer.
-More activities for the guild will be added when we come up with different ideas to keep things fresh and interesting.

If you feel like you might be interested and you want to join. It would be much better if you send a message via xbox live (GT: Chrysa1is) I will definitely see your message if you do it this way. More details about everything above can be explained and found in-game. Hopefully, we will see you soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Blade of the Dark Moon - Imperial Nightblade
Daggerfall Covenant
Xbox One - EU Server
Blade of the Dark Moon guildmaster

Solo-Vet Arx Corinium Assassin
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