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***100k gold Dueling Tournaments Xbox one NA***

Happy monday everyone :D anyways i have some cool news for duelers out there.

If you are on xbox NA and are interested in joining a dueling guild drop GT's below and i will invite to guild soon as i get home.

The guildmaster is a chill dude and he hosts 1 tournament every 2 weeks for 100k gold and entering is free :)

He gave me permission to spreading the word out on forums so here i am.

His last tournament was 16 people with winners and losers bracket which lasted 2 hrs. But he announced that he will be doing 1 loss elimination but 20 man tourney each time.

Eventually he said he would like to do them more often and have others start them as well since guild has been growing so fast over 200 people already.

As far as rules i hear there are no immov pots and no poisons allowed everything else is ok and if fight goes past 7 mins you rematch with no cp. :( #MuhCp

Again anyone is free to join he will be doing most tournaments on Friday/Saturday/Sunday once of every 2 weeks.

Drop gamertags if interested thanks o:)
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  • NewBlacksmurf
    Perhaps it would be best to post this in the LFG section on the xbox live looking for group within ESO's game Hub for better responses.

    Good luck
    -PC (PTS)/Xbox One: NewBlacksmurf
    ~<{[50]}>~ looks better than *501
    100k lol
  • Shadzilla
    May god have mercy on all souls that have to play this game on console.
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