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If dungeon finder and quest log could speak to each other...

That'd be great..... Because you see, I have these dungeon quests that I picked up over time and to find out which dungeons they are for is not so apparent. Some of the quests mention the dungeon name, and I can then remember that name, manually switch to the dungeon finder and tick off that dungeon. Then go back to the quest log and read the next quest. But then some quests doesn't even mention the dungeons name, for which the "show on map" feature should come in handy, but alas, it quite often does not go to the actual dungeon but instead to the entrance/exit points of the region I am in (I have never understood why this feature even does that, as if it thinks I wanted to have be directed to which exit point to take if I wanted to travel ALL the way there through several regions by foot/mount, instead of just using a wayshrine....?), meaning that for some quests I have to use google to figure out which dungeon it is about. Then repeat the process for the 8 other dungeon quests I have...

So I pose the question: What if the dungeon finder could display a small icon next to each dungeon that had a quest in it? That'd be neat. But I also have a feeling Im wasting my time here... but anyway I have to try right? So if ZOS people see this, think about it mkay? And have a great night thanks. :#
Edited by Jayman1000 on October 14, 2017 1:14AM
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