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Serpent 13?

What is this? I’m confused and couldn’t find any info other than past ones looking to be a Friday the 13th event? If so, meaning there’s one tomorrow as of right now, what is it exactly? In-game event or crown store sales?
  • teiselaise
    13th today, nothing special happened, might be later ^^ i dont think you can find anything about it yet, i just think they where teasing us for some crown ***, it wil probably happen later today
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  • Beardimus
    Something's happening today. Probably US time.

    Then Witches festival is happening soon, at some point.

    LAWD KNOWS WHY EVENTS ARE SO SECRET. Some marketing consultant somewhere told them its good for business. But generally its just annoying as people can't plan.

    But we do love events!
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  • PrimordialOdd
    Soooooooooooooo after seeing it myself.. I’m extremely extremely disappointed. This whole past week after seeing news about today, well, yesterday as of now, I honestly thought there be a exclusive drop that day or perhaps a quest with a awesome reward(mount or pets, skin perhaps) but in the end of the day it was just a crown store pay behind the wall goodies? The stag’s a little nice touch for me but it could’ve been better, but it’s no excuse for ramping up all these excitement from the community and just crap on em with this. I really expected something unique, something to start a bang with for witches festival I believe’s coming this week.
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