Does anyone use VPN For PS4?

My Internet Provider stopped by 2 days ago. Tested everything. I have the higher up Plans in residential Internet. They said my Internet is good, For gaming. 15 Download and 2 Up.I tried to get business upgrade. They claim the higher Upload won't work, but they haven't tested it.

Which is very awkward, because I used to get 5 Mb Upload, Before they forced every Residential to 2 Mb Upload. But they refused for me getting business Internet because they haven't tried. To test the speed.

I have tried looking out more Internet Provider. But I'm stuck with my current Internet Provider, unless I cut my neighbors tree (really sounds familiar somewhere...) behind me. If I did cut my neighbors tree. I would've got higher Upload and download than I currently got with my current IP.

But sadly I'm stuck with current Internet Provider. So I been doing some research. I found out it possible that a vpn could help me. Least according to different articles. Maybe it because my Internet Provider has bad nodes to Server.

I don't even know if it will work. My IP Provider wasn't even sure if it would work, they originally said it won't. But change there minds. So I'm very confused. Anyway I found a really good vpn. I have to turn my desktop on to see the name I saved.

But it can connect to 2 ways. 1. Cross over cable to my desktop (has WiFi) to my PS4. Or 2. Do it directly on my Asus RT- AC88u (Merlin) router. I also read that without a vpn, my static IP Internet is able to get attacked by ddos attack.

Which I didn't know it's possible. But in honestly it does makes I mean. Yesterday I could actually play without any lag. None at all. But other days I always have lag. This has been going on and off with me. Sometimes it's playable with no lag. Mostly at times I get that annoying Must have valid Internet connection error. Every 5 minutes or less.

All I want to do is playing dungeons and trials and BG. I'm tired of letting my friends down. I tried so many times to do dungeons I just freeze and must have valid Internet connection. I'm at a loss and very stuck.

Vpn is my last and only option to try. I have nothing else to loose. But does vpn actually work? I have same problems on NA server PS4 to. I hope vpn really works, I really want to try it. But would it help make my game playable?
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