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(RP Record) TLR Episode 1 - Trial of the Lioness


Preface & Scope
The following is a record of a long story arc roleplayed out with friends and their characters in the 2016 season. Most of the content is in-game content, but some smaller portions were roleplayed through IMs and other avenues as afforded to us where appropriate.

In the beginning of 2E 584, Simeria Kane split up with her twin brother, Silius. Silius left to follow a close lead on their uncle Atrian Kane's whereabouts and Simeria embarked on a grand hunt for their father, Cyron Kane. Her trek has led her across the far reaches of Tamriel, the trail running hot and cold. From the beaches of Auridon to the ashy shores of Davon’s Watch, she has followed false leads and close calls, chasing the ghost of a man she barely knows, yet feels so connected to despite the chasm of all those years. Her father has always loomed large in her mind and stepped heavy in the grand corridors of her heart.

What will she do once she finally finds him? What will she say? What answers does she hope to get to the long-standing questions haunting her mind?

Ever since separating from her brother to find Cyron, she often sees a white lion in her dreams, leading her through the ruins of her shattered homeland in the Colovian Highlands. She often wakes up feeling someone’s presence in her room or at camp, but no one is ever there. It is only her. Alone.

As our living story begins, clues to her father’s whereabouts have led her to Cyrodiil. She finds herself in the Highlands of Colovia, close to the place where the city of her once great people was smashed and destroyed. Just like in her dreams, she finds herrelf following a white lion that keeps looking back to see if she is coming. It shimmers in the shafts of sunlight, like a thing unreal, and she has to wonder if she is going mad.

Over a cleft of jutting rocks, she climbs to a ridge where a broad creek runs beside the smashed ruins of Lionfall. Beneath a towering redwood, she watches in wonder as the lion transforms into a shimmering humanoid form that appears to be nothing more than light dancing within light. Its presence is awe-inspiring and deep, as if the very reality around it is in flux, bending and churning.


Mood music used during the scene:








Edited by Storymaster on October 4, 2017 12:11PM
Character Profiles:
Puck Tanglevine - Bosmer Nightblade
Cyron Kane - Imperial Dragonknight (Retired)
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