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Wishlist of furniture from housing guild

We put together a list of things we'd love to see for our home decorating community.

* fountains with spraying water
* snow elf furnishings ( Irkngthand statue, carpets, tapistries)
* gargoyles
* reattribute stations
* swarms of moving fireflies
* animated chickens and chicken coops
* bard
* stablemaster
* writ stations
* animated npc performing tasks, children
* interactable gates
* archery targets
* piles of spell books
* make up stations (dye station for face)
* new skeleton styles
* butterflies
* stable sign
* smaller bricks/stones
* walls with glowing dragon shout
* attunable fishing hole (toggle to zone )
* weapon armour mannequins/display paque
* sink
* fishing hole (just splashing -nonfishable)
* treehouse
* stair section
* telvanni mushroom globes
* pond, water feature to add
* mounts move about property
* fenceing, more styles
* fireplaces
* daedric tables and bookcases
* spider web and webbed victim
* portraits
* redgaurd dome oven
* 90 degree corner pieces for stairs, 6 step sections of stairs
* staircase railing
* functional ladder
* reflecting pool
* stained glass windows
* saarthal brazier
* mushroom rack (found near crafting stations)
  • magicsprout
    Vendor in rivenspire does gargoyles but plus one on those mushroom boxes
  • Aurelle1
    A lot of good ideas there.

    I especially like the functional ladder. Great for spaces with not enough room for a conventional staircase, to access loft areas etc.
  • emilyhyoyeon
    yeah I think stairs/ladders are really important (walkable stairs, not have to jump up the stairs). Using individual blocks to make stairs just takes up too many slots when space is already so limited.
    PC EU
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