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Soul Shriven
Hello guys, I'm a small twitch streamer, and im going to start streaming ESO, and I was thinking and came up with this idea. For all those ESO streamers out there post here you twitch channel and talk a litle bit about it so we can all help each other with host and spreading the word, so that the ESO twitch community grows. If you want to use my post as a example please do.
So here it goes.
  • Hello Guys so my name is Alexandre Verissimo aka Festoflk. I'm 22y old and I'm from Portugal.
    I'm a Twitch streamer, it's my hobby, and I'm going to start streaming ESO. I do mainly PVE, and trying to get myself to raids (never done one here, so any help is aprecieated), but i also do some PVP for those bloodtirsty ones :).
  • So I hope to see you guys on the stream for loads of FUN.
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In-Game ID: @Festfolk
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