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When does th Halloween event begin?

When does the Witches festival begin? Beginning Middle, or end of October (near Halloween)?
  • Hanzus
    The sooner the better I say, hard for some people to get on and gives them a better chance at completing it. Besides, its nice to have an event going for awhile, nice change in atmosphere ;) .
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  • stevepdodson_ESO888
    i would guess they would run this event before the release of CWC DLC, as most people would want to focus on the DLC, rather than collecting the same recipes and hats from a repeated event
  • JamieAubrey
    There's an ESO live on the 13th Oct will most likely find out then if no details given out before hand
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  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    In Lore, it is on the 13th Frost Fall~(Oct. 13th), but ZoS doesnt always follow Lore Dates, but should be around that time..
    Witches Festival Lore:
    Witches's Festival - 13th Frost Fall (13th October)
    Today is the 13th of Frost Fall, known throughout Tamriel as the Witches's Festival when the forces of sorcery and religion clash. The Mages Guild gets most of the business since weapons and items are evaluated for their mystic potential free of charge and magic spells are one half their usual price. Demonologists, conjurers, lamias, warlocks, and thaumaturgists meet in the wilderness outside city, and the creatures created or summoned there may plague Tamriel for eons. Most wise men choose not to wander this night.
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  • shack80
    13th happens to be friday so it would suit nicely
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