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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Community Guides – September 2017"

Community Manager

This is the official discussion thread for the ESO Community Guides – September 2017 blog article.

The ESO community produced a ton of new guides and builds this month, including some preview content for the upcoming Clockwork City DLC game pack. Here are just some of the fantastic community-created content we've enjoyed during the month of September.
Jessica Folsom
Lead Community Manager - ZeniMax Online Studios
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Staff Post
  • SirAxen
    Thanks for these. Nice spotlight on community content creators. I'm sure they appreciate the love as well.
  • PrimordialOdd

    I wasn't sure how to contact support or who to contact, in related news with the live video you had recently with clockwork city then now another one upcoming September, today. Both mentioned giveaway but I am deaf, legally deaf and has a hard time knowing what's going on other than chat room and seeing the videos itself. I did not get anything and wondered how do I? Was I to hear it? If so, im deaf how can I?
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