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Experienced Healer LF vTrial group [PC|EU]

Experience: all trials completed
-vMOL speedrun/void avoided, can kite
-vHOF hardmode, know several tactics on the first boss, run the "nuke adds with the terminal" on the last boss
-All Craglorn trials HardMode and Speedruns (well, not vSO speedrun)
-every weekly leaderboard

-Infused staves with crusher OR Master resto

About me:
I speak English, Serbian and Russian. +3GMT, CP600+, Discord/TS. I should also mention that I may not have a free guild slot, so it would be great if the guild participation is not required.
I take part in my beloved "Barbaric Raid" group 2-3 times a week, but who doesn't look for more adventures? For now I spare my free time in some training raids and help others when they need healing, but it's better to join one more nice raid group.

In-game ID: @PlumpOrange
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