620cp tank looking for guild that runs open hms

I have cleared vAA speed run vHRC vSO HM and vMOL twins to 60% I am looking for a guild that runs either open craglorn hms or vMOL I have cleared vMA no death vSO HM vAA speed run vHRC speed run as a magika pet sorc 35k+ dps I would much rather prefer to tank though I can run on thursdays and Wednesday my at name is @monkey36948
Edited by monkey36948 on September 26, 2017 5:03AM
  • monkey36948
    I can run ebon/alkosh ebon/pd torugs/alkosh or pd/leeching for something like or ozzara or axes
  • sikamoar
    Hey man join our discord: https://discord.gg/WhVS2j
    We can chat more, we might have something for you that you would be interested in joining and we can chat more then to see if you are interested.

  • monkey36948
    Found one
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