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Bad Ping and Crashes


Since the last update I've been getting high ping spikes followed by eventual crashes to log in screen. The issue has been getting worse and worse over the last 2 or 3 weeks and now I can barely play. My FPS is good, but ping sits at around 50-60 and then can shoot up to over 10k and yesterday I saw a 12k spike, rubber banding and crash after crash to log in screen. Tonight it has been the same story. I played during the day with no issues today, but tonight it is unplayable. I have never had any issues with the game until recently even on ultra high settings.

I am on EU PC. I am not playing on a wireless connection, but on Ethernet. I have not changed anything on my PC or game settings. I contacted my ISP twice and both times they ran checks and there is no issue from their end. I have run several internet speed tests and my ping is <1ms, Download is 46.25 Mbps and Upload is 9.19 Mbps. I have Intel i7 6700K and 3 GeForce GTX 970. My PC does not have a problem with other games. Just this one. And just in the last few weeks.


  • DanStartheFirst
    Possible issue between you and the server had the same issue a while back when all the DDOSing was going on try a VPN if you are able to might fix the issue usually this is an isolated issue (I was one of the few for a while)
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