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Returning player here for very long this time, looking for multiple guild types. DK Tank.

Welp, cant play XIV anymore for specific reasons, involves GMs who are understaffed, under qualified and honestly cant compare to the GMs Zenimax or Blizzard has. And since Ashes of Creation is likely a scam, and Pantheon wont be out for 2-3 years, or may never come, I aint got no other mmo to play, and I always loved the ES series, since ES1 Arena. Sure the mmo is vastly different, but eh, I like it.

So, I usually play tanks, done so for eighteen years in mmos, I kept hopping on and off on ESO but this time aint goin nowhere. Unless of course SEGA takes head out of ass and gives the west PSO2, AND KEPT UP TO DATE, or Yoshi-P who stated he is looking for his replacement soon so he can work on "another project" which, since he has involvement with it, could be the localization of Dragon Quest X Online to the west, but its probably FF7R. So eh.

I need pretty much a Endgame PVE Guild, I am willing to Min-Max, my DK is a Imperial, probably level up some other toons for the hell of it, at 270CP atm but I will likely grind fast. Im not the type to raid 12-14 hours a day anymore, since well, I work full time, and like my job, and my sleep to do said job. But am willing to play up to 70 hours a week depending on what other games I may play at the same time, since I play a large assortment of PC, Console and Handheld titles. But yea I am willing to Min-Max, willing to be trained, willing to do whats needed to do Trials and hard modes and achievements.

I need Trading Guilds. Does not matter if I have to pay weekly/monthly fees, long as it has a huge variety of things I need and can easily buy I am fine with it, got 4M Gold atm, will probably need to spend some, then make some more again.

I need a PVP Guild, its likely I wont start PVPing until I am CP Capped, but while doing so, willing to get whatever gear and get whatever skills I need for a PVP Tank build or swap out to DPS build so long as it does not affect my PVE build. I do wish to go for emperor one day, will take a vacation to do so long as I can get the help.

Yes, I have Morrowind. I actually managed to find a intact physical collectors edition for it for 80 bucks at a Gamestop, sitting in the back of their product room collecting dust, it had alot of dust. I wonder how much they went for on preorder.....

My tag is @Alexandrious please PM me if you are interested in me, or shoot me up ingame whenever I manage to get on. Im at work now, may rest a bit before I get on.

Also, I use two different PCs, one thats on my 60 inch 4k for Casual use, the other for more serious use. Likely, if I am asked to do anything group related, I get on my serious desktop. Im building a new desktop soon by november that will have a I7 7700k 4.5GHZ OC in a Phantek Enthoo Primo case with 10 140MM PWM High speed 1400RPM Fans, 360MM LC AIO Unit. Asus Apex Maximus IX Mobo, 16GB of 4266 Trident Z DDR4 OC Ram. 960 Evo M.2 Drives, two of em. Asus Shielded 10G Network Card, Hyper X Cloud Revolver S Headset, the new Asus 35 Inch Ultra Wide 200hz G-sync HDR Quantum Dot Monitor thats coming out in a couple months, and a GTX 1080 TI Asus Strix OCed GPU. Im sure since the games optimization is bad, I will still have FPS issues unless I do tweaks, for Cyrodiil but eh, ill figure things out.

@Alexandrious if ya wanna reach me, or just PM me.
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