Harbingers of Death(HOD) is looking for recruits

Soul Shriven
We are a pvp/pve guild which started in 2014 and is in need of some new blood to fill our ranks. We are looking for new players who wish to learn the game with some great teachers or experienced players who want good end game fun. We play every day at 7pm to 7am ET or 3pm to 10/11pm OZ/NZ time. We do not run a guild trader or such. Our core group of player has been here from the start of the game and now we need you to add something new to us as much as we can help you.

We run small to medium groups in pvp, as well as try to crown our members emp. All our pvp is for AD. In pve we do dungeon and questing were we can along with Trials if we have numbers. We are also very social in teamspeak.

If you are interested or would like to know more in game mail @rcksnsations
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