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Doom Wolf Mount- TES-Legends

Soul Shriven
So I bought the Dark Brotherhood package in TES Legends and got the code for the Doom Wolf Mount. Prior to purchase of the package there is no warning that the mount is only for PC/Mac Users. Knowing this I would not have spent the 19.99 since i only play legends every once in a while in the car as a passenger. The Doom Wolf Mount was available in the Crown Store not that long ago on PS4 so I do not see any reason I can't private message you my code and have it unlocked for my account in PS4

  • koralr33fer
    I also got misled, it doesnt say until AFTER you make the purchase that it is for PC/MAC only, kinda BS, i prolly wouldnt have made the purchase otherwise and bought for in game it possible to get a XBOX store code for these items?
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