Lion's Fury - New Guild on the Block

Lion's Fury is a guild started recently by myself and a couple of friends on PS4 EU. Though the guild is DC created, it is open to all alliances. We have not done much with the guild, we have only now decided to start recruiting. As we are new, we are looking to build and grow, we will mainly be focused on PvE Content, Leveling and Daily Normal Dungeons. We are looking for new players mainly who want to chill and learn more about the game at their own pace.

Leave your PSN if you are interested.


  • Greyhoof
    Add me PSN Greyhoof
  • BullOnCalcium
    Soul Shriven
    Add me PSN BullOnCalcium
  • Xavium
    Hey I will add you this evening and send the guild invites, thanks.
  • Tempah
    Could I get a invite?

    PSN: Tempah_xOwner
    PS4 EU 631 CP | PSN = TeMpAh_xOwNeR
    Rag'natul | High elf | Mag Sorc | Lvl 50 | Sergeant| Mag Dps | Flawless Conquerer 566k (F*cked it up tho)
    Dragon Nugget | Imperial | Dragon Knight | Lvl 50| Corporal | Tank/Stam DK PVP
    Ragena | Redguard | Stam Sorc | Lvl 50 | Scrub | Stam DPS | Stormproof
    vMA - vDSA - vHRC HM - vAA - vSO HM - vMoL 100k+ score
    Guilds: Future(RIP) - Abysswalkers(RIP) - Invictus(RIP) - Grayshade(RIP) - Fourtwenty (RIP)
    Haven't played since morrowind
  • Parnassian
    Soul Shriven
    I’d like to join PSN i4m4ha3 :)
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