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Shock damage cause disconnect

Don’t know is it only for me or others also facing the same problem, my ESO get disconnected from the EU server most of the time if anyone using shock damage specially using with armor or ground attack in Cyrodiil.
Before disconnect happens, everything around me get freeze except me for around 30Sec. I can move around and attack other opponents and do some damage :) and after 20-30Sec the game get disconnected and get back to the main menu from where I need to connect to my EU server and login again. Please note, PSN still connected when this happen. For this, I cannot play in yellow zone because it happen in yellow zone mostly or if there is lots of Aldmeri Dominion players who are using shock damage. Playing in red zone is almost ok.
What to do.

Thank you everyone.
Edited by khandakar.faisal on September 13, 2017 9:53AM
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