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Are certain dungeon items specific to "II" or am I just this unlucky?

I've been trying to get a specific 2H weapon in this one dungeon (set dungeon weapon) but I've been trying to do this for over 2 days by now nonstop in a way, and it is getting really annoying... I've been doing the "I" part of the dungeon since it is easier and faster to grind out but I've only been getting staffs and useless rings by this means... So, is it impossible to get certain pieces of a set, such as a Greatsword, in the first part of the dungeon and you must do the second version, or am I just this unlucky?

I'm not even looking for a specific trait, I literally just want a specific weapon and that is it.
  • static_recharge
    Just RNG unfortunately.
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  • dpencil1
    I think the special "named" drops only come from specific versions of dungeons. For example, there's a named axe that drops from the melee twin in CoH1 and a named lightning staff that drops from Nerieneth in CoH2. But other than that sort of thing, the dungeons share the same 3 sets.
  • bebynnag
    some sets do have unique drops though, so it is worth looking online to see if the item you want has a unique drop associated with it.
  • Morbash
    There are certain uniqely named drops that are dungeon specific, such as the 2H greatsword, Debaser, which only drops in Fungal Grotto II.

    The standard gear sets will drop in either version of the dungeon.

    Monster helms are also dungeon specific.
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  • Jusey1
    Okay thanks. So I'm just unlucky. I'll keep grinding in the easier version of the dungeon then.
  • Morgul667
    Unique items and helms are dongeon specific (I or II) others are common to both
  • firedrgn
    You said it out loud now,your never going,to,get it.
    Sad face
  • Blanco
    Unique items will only come from their corresponding 'I' or 'II' iteration.

    This is true in many instances, and I believe in all instances.
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