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[NA:AD] Blue Skooma Roleplayers

Soul Shriven
Blue Skooma Roleplay
Aldmeri Dominion – NA Server


About Us

Blue Skooma Roleplayers is an organized roleplay guild in the Aldmeri Dominion – NA server. We have many experienced members that are active and willing to help anyone create or find roleplay. Our website is kept up-to-date and has busy forums. Discord is not required but it is offered to any interested member.


Open to any type of character, Blue Skooma offers fluid roleplay and non-scripted story arcs. The guild storylines are written by officers but the outcomes are determined by the actions of the characters. We also have many different factions a character can join. Factions will offer more specialized setting and roleplay hooks. Characters are free to act as they please as long as our rules of conduct are followed.



Event times are based on Eastern Standard Time. There are evolving guild story events, alongside faction events, contests, and nightly tavern roleplay. Members are encouraged to create their own events and storylines. Officers and other members are always ready to help with any questions or writing and planning of events. The officer team can also help moderate events.


The officer team of Blue Skooma works together to keep a positive and fun environment. Any drama is kept where it is meant to be: in roleplay. Officers work hard to take care of everyday tasks that are required to keep a major guild functioning smoothly. All ranks are strictly OOC to promote a fluid roleplay environment.

For more information or to sign up, visit
  • WildCat800
    Soul Shriven
    The townsfolk of Vulkwasten had a costume party to celebrate the Witches Festival. Many had creative costume ideas and they happily took the free food and drink while guessing what some of the costumes were.





  • WildCat800
    Soul Shriven
    It has been a strange week for the residents of Vulkwasten. Not that they really have any normal weeks. Recently, the Heart Tree in town has slowly been losing its leaves and color. It is not alone because the trees near town, the tavern, guard halls, and both guild halls have also been looking a little dull. Due to the state of town and bosmer concern, all the residents of Vulkwasten were asked to evacuate the towns premises as soon as possible. The bosmer that were concerned with the town offered the residents space to stay in Coromount.

    OOC: Blue Skooma Roleplayers can be found roleplaying in Coromount for the next week.



  • WildCat800
    Soul Shriven
    The Return

    Packing up all their belongings back into the wagons, the citizens of Vulkwasten started their journey home. On the outskirts of town, they noticed that the plants around Vulk did look healthier. Once they entered the town, they realized that the town really was not as healthy as it seemed. The day of the townsfolk return also brought havoc to poor Vulkwasten. Nesting skeevers, deadly senche-tigers, and rampaging mammoths were terrorizing the area. The spinners were convinced that the horrible catastrophes Vulkwasten has suffered was the fault of the people and they deemed them no longer welcome in town. The group had to turn around and make the trip back to Cormount. It seems that is were they will have to stay.


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