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ESO and PS+

so my playstation plus expired, and i've found out since that i can play neverwinter online without it, but not eso. Will ZOS do something about this, since its obviously possible to play online without using the sony network on ps4, depending on where the game is hosted.

1. you have your own server farm already
2. PS+ adds $10 per month just to login to ESO. surely removing that extra cost will get extra players.
3. once you are no longer reliant on the sony network, costs should come down for eso+ as well, meaning more eso+ members. no ps+ fee, and the montly eso+ fee could drop to the same as pc
4. people spending less on ps+, are likely to spend more on crowns.
  • vivisectvib16_ESO
    Sounds more like CS issue than a tech issue.
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