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Looking for a casual guild

Soul Shriven
Who I am?
I'm 27yo, Polish and English speaking player, and I'm a n00b. I've played only solo so far, but I would like to change that. I play casually few times a week. My main character is 50 (50CP) sorc from AD. My main professions are Provisioning and Clothing.

What kind of guild am I looking for?
Casual and mature guild that will show me the ropes in group playing, give me a chance to finish some group dungeons and kills some world bosses. I would be great to do some trading. Just fun group of people that loves gaming without the unnecessary drama.
  • Ashtaris
    Hi Nystax. I'm one of the guild leaders for Greybeards & Gals, a guild mainly for mature players. Although I'm one of the guild leaders for the NA server, we also have a EU branch where I can send you an invite. I know Xrixi and the EU group does a lot of dungeon runs :) Anyway, we are a very laid back guild and avoid drama like the plague. If you would like an invite, let me know here, via private mail, or in-game @Ashtaris, and let me know your account or player name.
    Edited by Ashtaris on September 3, 2017 3:30PM
  • Nystax
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, Ashtaris. I'm interested. I've send you an in-game message.
  • Trikfut
    Hi there Nystax :)

    I am the leader of Really Nerdy Gamers. We are a multi gaming community that recently started up in ESO. If you are interested in some friendly people who won't judge how you play the game then hop onto our Discord here and fill out our short application form :)

    We are very very casual and don't mind helping out with crafting, dungeons and whatever else you might need.
    "Razum-dar is just a simple Khajiit. He seeks the best for all the people of Tamriel. Also, a saddle that won't pinch the tail. One day..." - Razum-dar
  • Jiandao
    Hi Nystax,

    You might be interested in The Sewerjacks. We're an English speaking guild, but our players come from all over Europe. We welcome new players and are always willing to help when needed. We have shown many new players around dungeons and can help you with that too.

    Good hunting!

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