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Fighters Guild problem

I'm having a problem with the Fighters Guild quest line. I've done it on a couple of different characters already. At the beginning of the questline you rescue Merric from the tower (with Doshia, the demon that turns into a harvester). I talk to Colors outside, etc... and then I have not been contacted to continue the quest line. I moved on from Auridon to Grahtwood and nothing to go to the Fighters Guild (and I believe I should have received a message). I have plenty of levels in the FG skill line so I doubt that's the problem.

I can't file for quest help in game because I have no quests in my journal. I could be forgetting something obvious but I don't think so. If someone could tell me how to jump start the next part of the quest chain it would be appreciated. Either that or if a GM notices this perhaps they can look into my character Bellephoebe and see if anything is wrong/broken/bugged.
  • Cletus
    Did you do the Prismatic core quest yet? Just trying to figure out where you are in the quest line.
    Or maybe this quest?
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  • Hippie4927
    Did you try just going to the Fighter's Guild Hall in Elden Root and looking for Sees All Colors? She will have your next quest for some Dwemer ruin.
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  • Nestor
    Also, make sure you are in the zones for your Alliance. I think there might be issues if your say DC and trying to pick up the quests in AD.
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  • Glockcoma725
    Usually theres a Guild Member standing outside the FG hall, and whenever you get within 5 square miles (yes im exaggerating) she'll haul butt over to you and exclaim "THE GUILD IS IN NEED OF YOUR HELP COMRADE!"

    Whether or not theres level requirements per the quests I'm not sure. Looks like there used to be, but theres not any more? Or maybe there still is?
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