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Active Morph Option

If you are like me and switch between PvE and PvP frequently to keep the game interesting, you will find that the only way to reset morphs is to travel to the shrine and reseting your morphs with some gold and then reassign them.

This is something too often done by many players and it can get anoying to do this every other day...

Would it not be so much easier and better just to unlock the morph with 1 or 2 skill points and instead make both morphs available to use anytime, but only having one active at a time, of course.

Say you're in a dungeon, trial or other with your PvE built and friends call and you need to jump to Cyrodill for PvP... Now you would have to travel to the shrine, spend some gold, and reset all your morphs and reassing to the skill bar etc... etc... (not to mention those which you didnt want to reset, but are reset anyway)

But wouldnt it be much better to just pick from one of the two available morphs to be active and be on your way?
it would make life in Tamriel a whole lot simpler i think, at least for people that switch between PvE and PvP a lot like me.
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  • Yamenstein
    Yeah don't really like the system as well. Would be awesome if they could add it as a ESO + benefit. Just another reason to sub. If they don't just change the system entirely. It's not like the money you spend to reset morphs is much (even if you had no gold it wouldn't take you much time to get what is needed to remorph skills. Maybe reset all skill points I suppose but even then it isn't much), or that it goes back to the economy or something.

    It's just an inconvenience.
  • getemshauna
    Personally - I would drag dual spec system from wow, including champion points. This game copied so much ideas from other MMOs already, so this one won't make a difference.
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