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[VIDEO] Werewolf Build ( Enfeeble ) HOTR CP/ NOCP

Sorry for my bad English ,
This is my survival Werewolf build for Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds. It took me a lot to make something interesting that is not just another PROC or go full Weapon damage build.

  • IlCanis_LupuslI
    Impregnable is awesome i use it as well. I use shacklebreaker (2 daggers, nirnhoned with shock enchant, minor vounerability, infused wd) and 3 armor pieces. Works good so far
    Cp 1490
    Khajiit Night blade Healer(BiS for cuteness)-Flawless Conquerer Grand Overlord
    Khajiit Stamsorc Werewolf, Flawless Conquerer (1st attempt ww form during the entire dungeon) main
    Khajiit(Master Race) Templar Healer, Flawless Conquerer
    Khajiit Stam dk, Flawless conquerer, 2nd attempt
    Werewolf Veteran player, Since Wrathstone-DLC "Raid-Wolf", 50k dps with fracture, Pvp Healer.
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