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[PS4 EU] Most Evenings: Need more players for Vet AA - 10pm+ GMT

Hi, me and several friends have been running vet AA lately with good times but it would be great to have more people to choose from when it is 10pm+ GMT. If you want to join, let me know:

DPS: need decent damage, 30k+ would be great. I am sitting at 34k+

Healer: need SPC, worm and preferably another set like mending.

Tank: need to be able to solo the axes on The Mage. Again, decent gear, max cp etc.

Just generally know the mechanics. Microphone&headphones helps.

If it goes well, this could turn into a raiding guild.

Let me know :)
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Current Toons (Max CP):
Magsorc Breton
Magblade Darkelf
Stam DK Redguard
Healer Templar High Elf
Tank DK Argonian
Stamblade Redguard

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