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[PC NA] Large Ebonheart Pact guild seeks RP officer

Great House Hlaalu is a casual/friendly PVE, PVP and RP guild with discord server, high traffic trader spot in Vvardenfell, weekly trials, PVP training, guild hall with crafting stations and mundus stones etc.

Currently 490+ members, active guild since 2013 (founded during psijic order closed beta).

The guild's founders were heavily into forum-based RP, TES fan fiction, in-game RP events as well as PVP. Recently our RP officer has not logged in for some time; however, a lot of our members are interested in RP events.

We are looking for someone to guide the overall direction of the guild's RP story arc and host 1 group RP event per week or so. If you have experience hosting RP events and are interested in this role, please send in-game mail to @IcyDeadPeople

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