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Werewolf Guide (Everything You Need to Know)

Hey Peeps,

I just put together a Werewolf Guide for ESO updated through Horns of the Reach. So, if it has been awhile since you played one or want to know what has changed come check it out!

Edited by Castielle on August 10, 2018 11:12AM
  • Chrlynsch
    Good post, I would add a couple of of these:

    -While in form werewolf can't resurrect
    -While in form werewolf can't put down siege
    -While in form werewolf can't sneak (can go invisible with a potion)
    -All speed cap of 100% so a sprinting werewolf with a speed pot will hit 103% in heavy armor.
    -Warden gets 15% snare reduction
    -Prisoners rags is worth checking out on a wolf
    Pack Leader of Scourge Alliance- First Fang of Hircine, The Beast of Bruma
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  • Koolio
    Great guide. Should help a lot of people.

    NB catalyst passive 20 ult for potion does not work in WW. Other that that spot on.
  • Castielle
    I have now updated this Guide for Update 19 Wolfhunter! Good hunting out there >:)

  • Aznox
    Nice work, a few month ago i started to write a werewolf guide but i will probably never finish it.

    Putting this here for anyone to read before next patch makes some parts obsolete.

    Choice or armor and weapon sets:
    Medium versus Heavy armor:


    X said

    Y said

    The "Pelinal's way":
    Pelinal's phililosophy

    The "Shacklebreaker route":
    Blabla max stats blabla

    The Werewolf skill line:

    Passive skills:

    Increases Heavy Attack Stamina return by 100%.

    - Stacks with heavy armor passive (+25%), CP (+0-15%) and off-balance (+100%) bonus stamina gain on successful heavy attack.
    - Can get you more than 12k stamina against off-balance enemies (if they don't block or dodge)

    - One of the reasons Werewolf doesn't need stamina recovery and should always be wearing 5/1/1 heavy armor.

    Allows you to devour corpses to increase the duration of your Werewolf Transformation by 12 seconds.

    - 14.4 seconds with Call of the pact
    - you need to be targeting the corpses for the synergy to appear/work, if needed take one step back and look down
    - if your enemy respawns before the end, your timer won't be extended
    - don't move until you see the timer extension or you will need to start against
    - also provides a small heal on completion

    - bit of a taunt but you are forced to use it, not your fault ! ;)

    Blood Rage
    Increases time in werewolf form by 3 seconds every time you take damage. This effect can occur once every 3 seconds

    - 3.6 seconds with Call of the pact
    - as long as you are fighting you can stay transformed without end thanks to this

    Savage Strengh
    Increases Weapon Damage by 18%.

    - One of two werewolf buffs to weapon damage, the other being the active ability Hircine's Rage (+10%)

    - Players often focus on the maximum stamina increase provided by werewolf form because it is more visible, however werewolf scales better with weapon damage due to the prevalance of light and heavy attacks in the playstyle.

    Call of the pact
    Reduce the cost of remaining in werewolf form by 20% for each transformed werewolf in your group, including yourself, up to a maximum of 80%.

    - You get 20% at all time from yourself so remember to add that to all abilities tooltips that extend the timer

    - Mainly usefull for Cyrodiil, in Battleground you don't need a pack to stay in werewolf 95% of the time.

    Hidden passives and other stats

    When transformed, your max stamina is increased by 30%
    - This is nice but stacking weapon damage is better (edit : might change in Summerset patch)

    When transformed, you take 25% more damage from poison type attacks against you
    - When you hear a snipe spammer, break line of sight quickly

    When transformed, your sprint speed is increased by 10%
    - Don't use all your stamina sprinting to the fight, speed potions are your friends

    When transformed, your physical and spell resistances are increased by 9966
    - A very big boost in tankyness, also stacks with major resolve/ward from a pre-transformation buff or Mighty Chudan set

    When the werewolf ultimate is on your active bar (transformed or not) you gain 15% stamina regen
    - Not worth building upon

    When transformed, you take 20% more damage from Fighters Guild abilities
    - Vampires also suffer from this, at all time

    When transformed, you generate 100% more aggro towards enemy players in PVP
    - Players are prone to focus a target that stands out from the others, and they are used to badly built fragile werewolfs

    Active skills:

    Werewolf Transformation
    Transform into a beast, fearing up to 3 nearby enemies for 4 seconds. While transformed, your Light Attacks cause enemies to bleed for [x] Physical Damage over 8 seconds and your Physical and Spell Resistance are increased by 9966.
    While slotted, your Stamina Recovery is increased by 15%.

    - Check the passives section for the full list of bonus provided by the transformation
    - Base timer is 36 seconds with Call of the Pack alone, but there are many ways to stay transformed forever as long as you fight
    - When transforming, you benefit from a small window (around 1sec) of invulnerability, you can time it to negate some burst
    - Remember to wait for your opponent's CC immunity to wear off for the fear to work
    - The bleed ticks every second, including second "0", so each light attack trigger a bleed tick and reset it's duration.
    - Things that carry over to Werewolf form : Gear traits, enchants, armor passives, class passives, pre-applied buffs
    - Things that do not carry over to Werewolf form : weapon passives, "when slotted" ability bonuses
    - You can slot werewolf skills on your non-werewolf bars to xp them (but not use them)
    - You can only slot werewolf skill on your werewolf bar

    - Werewolf Berserker morph is the only one worth using, the bleed boost heavily outweights the other morph strong points.

    Feral Pounce
    Pounce on an enemy with primal fury to deal [x] Physical Damage and stun them if they are off balance.
    Pouncing from at least 10 meters away adds 1 second to the duration of your Werewolf Transformation.

    - Against some targets with a large hitbox, like an imperial city boss, you can hit both a heavy attack and a 10meters pounce for infinite timer and stamina gain
    - At the cost of some stamina, you can chain 3 quick jumps between two targets and quickly build up some timer without using devour

    - The other morph isn't even worth mentioning

    Hircine's Rage
    Invoke the Huntsman's blessing to heal yourself for [x] and increase your Weapon Damage by 10% for 20 seconds.

    - This heal scales (very well) with your spell damage and max magicka attributes, making werewolf benefit highly from hybrid sets like Shacklebreaker
    - You need to remember to buff yourself with it before the fight if your magicka isn't low
    - Heavy armor helps with magicka regen through constitution
    - Can be boosted immensely by running Pelinal's set but at a consequent opportunity cost
    - Suggesting to make this a stamina heal is stupid, stop doing it

    - Weapon damage is the best attribute for a werewolf, the other morph isn't worth passing a 10% buff
    - This excellent burst heal is complemented nicely by Troll King's sustained health recovery

    Rousing Roar
    Roar with bloodlust to terrify up to 3 nearby enemies, afflicting them with fear and setting them off balance for 5 seconds.
    Grants Major Brutality to nearby allies, increasing Weapon Damage by 20% for 23 seconds.

    - The off-balance status combined with a heavy attack has the potential to be your main source of stamina sustain
    - The off-balance effect will only be applied if the target was not CC immune, along with the fear. Using your other CC (howl) can prevent benefiting from Roar
    - Configuring your UI/add-ons to display fear/off-balance status on an enemy will help you identify the targets that were not CC immune when you use this skill against a group
    - You get the Major Brutality buff yourself
    - This ability has a hidden cast time of around 1 sec, and can be interupted if you get CC, be sure to recast straight after if this happens.

    - This should be used as your main CC, everytime your opponents CC immunity wears off
    - You need 100% uptime of Major Brutality and you have better uses for your potion slot than that, so the other morph isn't worth picking.

    Claws of Anguish
    Maul enemies in front of you with your tainted claws, dealing [x] Physical Damage and an additional [x] Disease Damage over 10 seconds. Afflicts enemies with Major Defile, reducing their healing received by 30%.

    - Although the other morph can also proc Major Defile from the Disease damage, uptime will be very low (<10%)
    - Spending some time to test the hit area of this ability will help you land it against multiple targets consistently
    - Before Summerset patch, does not affect health recovery

    - Major Defile is one of the strongest debuff in the game, especially if you have points in the Befoul CP.
    - The potential for 100% uptime of Major Defile against multiple targets is worth much more than the small heal from the other morph.

    Howl of Agony
    Crush enemy with a deafening howl, dealing [x] Physical Damage and stunning them for 3 seconds. Deals 30% more damage to enemies that are feared.

    - This ability is considered a projectile, keep this in mind against projectile countering mechanics (ex: DK wings, ...)
    - And enemy that is moving away from you will be catched up by the projectile, where Rousing Roar would have missed.
    - Stunning an opponent with this ability will prevent you from leveraging Rousing Roar until CC immunity ends.

    - This ability cost is too high to be sustained as a spammable, keep your stamina for utility and burst
    - Good opponents will CC break before this ability land during your [Roar - Heavy attack - Howl] combo, but it is still worth trying.

    Werewolf PVP environments:

    - Werewolf shines the most in the games modes that focus on teamfights : Deathmatch and Domination
    - As long as you fight you can stay transformed, but do not overextend and die just to save your timer
    - In a 4v4 situation, your ability to apply fear, off-balance and Major Defile to multiple targets is invaluable
    - You have the potential to win almost any 1v1,

    [Todo] Add a video

    - Cyrodiil werewolf is similar to Battlegrounds but everything is amplified
    - Timer management is harder, learn to make the most out of it without overextending
    - You risk attracting focus from even more opponents at the same time, be quick to disengage
    - Even if your are a strong potato masher, 1vX isn't your strong point
    - You have the potential to win almost any 1v1, and are a beast in small squad.

    [Todo] Add a video

    - Werewolf is a very strong dueling tool when you master it
    - To achieve a high duel win-rate with werewolf, you need first and foremost to work on your human form.
    - Werewolf provides an increase in damage output that will allow you to overcome most opponent's defense.
    - Slotting werewolf as an afterthough is just a "win-more" mechanic and won't be decisive in hard fights
    - To defeat strong opponents using werewolf, you need to beet them twice : once in human form, and once transformed
    - Doing a panic transform as soon as you have enough ultimate, while clinging to life, will rarely turn a fight.
    - In human form, you need to apply pressure and force you opponent to perform as much defensive actions as possible
    - Only that will allow you to transform with all buff/debuff applied, and at least as much resources as your opponent

    [Todo] : matchups for each class

    Race and Class:


    PC EU
    Khajiit Orc Stamina Sorcerer and Werewolf
    Currently enjoys a bit of loneliness in Shor CP Imperial City
    Battleground regular and Dueling addict
    Theorycrafting enthusiast
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  • Chrlynsch
    In the photo caption you mention that you don't have Hircine's rage or major brutality active. Rage's 10% is gone and now only applies major brutality

    You should probably mention the other sat altering passives like 18% increased weapon damage, and 100% increased resource return from heavy attacks.

    Sorcerers also have implosion, and persistence

    Templars have increased rez speed and rez health.

    "Affliction – Similar to Shacklebreaker, you can takes advantage of the Max Magicka in order to increase Hircine’s Bounty." Probably remove the part about increasing the heal.

    You could touch on some health sets like plague doctor and green pact now that the heal scaling is off of max health.

    You may want to add in some light sets as well for magicka sustain such as desert rose and Prisoner rags.
    Pack Leader of Scourge Alliance- First Fang of Hircine, The Beast of Bruma
    PC NA
  • Castielle
    Updated to fix those mistakes and added further information :)

  • Feannag
    Thanks for this...would love to see some more pros/cons of sets...especially ones that are easier to get. I am having pretty good luck with Ravaging (uptime is close to 60-70%. Needs a good Stam set to go with it though.
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