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Stamina Nightblade End Game - PVE HoTR

This is My personal build for Stamina Nightblade for the patch of the Horns of the Reach. With this build I have cleared every bit of content in the game, including all trials and their hard modes, including Maw of Lorkhaj and Halls of Fabrication. The build reflects very well into Maelstrom and Dungeons as well!

x5 Two-Fanged Snake
x5 War Machine or x5 Vicious Ophidian
x1 Maelstrom Bow
x2 Velidreth
Front Bar (Dual Wielded)
Rendings Slashes
Killer's Blade
Surprise Attack
Relentless Focus
Deadly Cloak
Incapacitating Strike
Back Bar (Bow)
Leaching Strikes
Poison Injection
Rearming Trap
Endless Hail
Flawless Dawnbreaker or Veil Of Blades
Full Divines on Body Pieces
Nirnhoned Bow
Infused Dagger
Precise Dagger
x7 Stamina on Body Pieces
x3 Weapon Damage on Jewlery
x1 Poison on Infused Dagger
x1 Weapon Damage on Precise Dagger
x1 Thurderous Volley (Don't touch the Bow :P)
Health and Stamina Blue Food or Dubious Camoran Throne (Counter-balance health enchant on Body Piece)
Weapon Power Potions (Stamina + Weapon Critical + Weapon Damage)
Soul gems (lols)
Champion Points
Ironclad - 61
Thick Skinned - 48
Elemental Defender - 49
Hardy - 49
Warlord - 40
Mooncalf - 75
Tenacity - 75
Befoul - 1
Tumbling - 20
Shadow Ward - 9
Physical Weapon Expert - 2
Master-At-Arms - 28
Thaumaturge - 51
Precise Strikes - 51
Piercing - 39
Mighty - 49
Mundus Stone
Warrior (2 Daggers)
Thief (1 or no Daggers)
Khajiit - More Crit (Personal Favorite)
Redguard - More Stamina and nice sustain
Wood Elf - Stam Recovery and sustain for ages
Argonian - Best Sustain (Yes I'm not joking)
Buff up first - Leaching Strikes > Deadly Cloak > Relentless Focus
-From here on, light attack in between all skills (Weave)
Set the Start - Rearming Trap > Endless Hail > Caltrops > Poison Injection >
Bar Swap > Rending Slashes > Incapacitating Strike > Potion > Assassin's Scourge >
Surprise Attack Weave.
When Deadly Cloak is about to run out - Deadly Cloak > Bar Swap > Rearming Trap >
Endless Hail > Caltrops > Poison Injection > Leaching Strikes > Bar Swap > Assassin's Scourge.
From here on, just repeat the rotation, remember to: Keep Deadly Cloak uptime high, try to get 2
Assassin's Scourge Procs per rotation, use Incapacitating Strike after reaplying all your dots
and before the Assassin's Scourge proc, so you can just go heavy for a few seconds, cast
Leaching Strikes every 2 rotations (after it is over).
During Execute Phases (25% on) - Stop casting Rending Slashes, unless you HAVE to block for some time
in order to compensate for lack of light attacks, and start casting Killer's Blade instead of
Surprise Attack.
Fights with a LOT of incoming damage - Focus on Deadly Cloak more than everything, it is your only
saving grace, and if its on execute, cast Surprise Attack every rotation ONCE, in order to
raise your resistences for a while.
Heavy Attacks and sustain - Heavy Attack whenever you drop to 35% or less stamina, do a few of them to
get you back up to 70%, then resume damage. Remember to WEAVE skills in!
Can't sustain even with Heavy Attacks - Stop casting Caltrops for 2-3 rotation, it will save you up to 30%
of your pool!
Extra Notes and Hits
Keep track of your potion + Leaching Strikes proc, it totals almost 12k stamina, so if you're about to go
Heavy Attack mode, and both are about to go off, just keep the dmg coming!
Potion usage is very important, remember that you have 2.6 seconds of the buffs on you and having a potion up,
if you can use your ultimate before using the potion, you'll be 20 points closer to the next ultimate.
Keep track of your position if using War Machine, you don't wanna give the 2 tanks Major Slayer.
Know your team enough to know you can take points off Piercing, and put if on Master-At-Arms.
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