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Stinkhorn Ridge Hoppers - AD Guild

Relaxed guild who help each other out with Quests, Crafting and PvE and PvP. All members can invite people to join the guild so if you have friends you can bring them in too!

Guild Bank - We do have a well stocked Guild bank but a guild bank is only ever as good as the members make it - to get access you need to donate to the bank, join the facebook page or talk to us on mic in Guild Chat!
Guild Chat - We have 5 channels - Channel 1 tends to be general chat. Please feel free to use any of the others your group if your questing etc.
Guild Island - Who wants a boring Guild house? We have a Guild Island!!! We have a set of crafting stations, merchant vendors and a banker. We also have a duelling arena with seating to view and a large area to compete in. Mundus stones recently added! 21.8.17

Stuff we do:

PVP - Guild does Cyrodiil..Shar or Vivec campaign Friday/Saturday from 7pm. Team up with a PVP guild.
Need equipment? Just ask - we've got players happy to make weapons/armour sets for you
Questions about the game? Just ask away - no question is too stupid! We all knew nothing when we started either.
Crafting support - generally have plenty of materials and recipes in the Guild bank for levelling crafting and provisioning etc
Weekly raffle - 2500 crowns per ticket - win 30,000 crowns
Facebook group - Keep upto date with ESO news and guild chatter
Trials - Do these occasionally when we can get 12 people free at the same time
Friday fun times - Usually with a drink we get the guild members together to get some achievements or just for fun. We've done the Undaunted pubcrawl, made people Vampires/Werewolves, planning on doing house viewings soon to decide where people want to live!
Guild Vendor - we always bid on a Guild vendor - don't always win but we get one more often than not.
Bites - want to be a Vampire or Werewolf? Just ask...

Contact James2908 on PSN
Nine Trait Crafting Argonian Templar!

PSN James2908
Guild: Stinkhorn Ridge Hoppers
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