Tuckers Guide to Money for Dimwits. ~Fishing

It is a simple way to make money. All you need to do is find a fishing spot with a lot of fishing holes nearby, then stay there fishing with your mouse over the hole. Keep your headphones on, and get out a book, device, any thing simple nearby. And all you have to do is listen for the rippling sound and pull up the fish and cast out again.

By the time you are finished you will have a lot of treasure fish, which sell for a bit, and a lot of normal fish. The Normal fish can be skinned for the possibility of getting Perfect Roe, which is rare and expensive in the game. Furniture gained while fishing is also good to sell in guildstores or to put in your house.

:D Have fun Fishing for Money!
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  • Hippie4927
    I make most of my gold from fishing.........you callin' me a dimwit? ;)
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