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[Build Idea] Argonian Nightblade Tank? ~Potion Chugger~

There are a couple cool synergies that I see with such a build...

1.) Potions, both Nightblades and Argonians have a bonus for drinking potions. For Nightblades, it's Ultimate Generation, for Argonians, it's bonus resources.
2.) Taking Damage, Nightblade Tanks have a cool bonus to max health for slotting shadow abilities, and they also activate the major resolve & major ward buffs for using a shadow ability.

So building on those two ideas, I was thinking something along the lines of this would be cool...

- 5pc Werewolf Hide (Jewelry, Belt, Gloves)
- 5pc Tava's Favor (Weapon, Shield, Heavy Chest, Heavy Legs, Heavy Feet)
- 2pc Blood Spawn or Swarm Mother (Heavy Head, Heavy Shoulder)

For traits, go decisive on the weapon, and infused on the shield, head, chest, and legs. The shoulders, belt, hands, and feet would be divines with the Mundus being a max health or max stamina choice.

For Enchantments, Jewelry would have the glyphs of Potion Speed, this will allow you to pop a potion every 30 seconds. Armor would be for mostly health (potions should take care of most sustain), but having some extra stamina wouldn't hurt. For the weapons, a poison would probably be best either a poison for the unstoppable effect (Columbine, Namira’s Rot, Wormwood) or a poison for damage mitigation (Beetle Scuttle, Mudcrab Chitin, Nightshade).

CP choices should be fairly straightforward, for food I would go with something that goes for Max health and max stamina (no recovery). I haven't plotted out skill bars yet, tbh I don't know that I'll actually use the build since I'm using all of my character slots, but maybe someone will see this and try it out. Let me know if you do! (ideas on skill bars, just see what other nightblade tanks are using)

Potion ideas...
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