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Discord roleplay Seeking

I was curious if there are any decent sized discord roleplay groups around that's focused mainly (doesn't have to be soley) on roleplaying? Perhaps with character sheets and such? I'd be very much interested.

I have roleplayed other things for about 5 years, all text based, not ingame mind you. I've also played Skyrim for about 500 hours, Oblivion for about 1000 and know a decent amount about Morrowind, plus of course ESO.
Toon list:
Chip Ahoy: Magicka Templar khajiit WW healer and crafter of metals, clothes, leather and wood
Rose Scale: Magicka Nightblade argonian WW DPS and 'evil' toon (steals stuff from barrels)
Snip Ahoy: Stamina Dragonknight khajiit WW tank
Walks-Through-Corn: Magicka Templar argonian Vampire tank and also cooks food
Snowy Kitten: Magicka Sorcerer khajiit WW healer and also makes glyphs
Valerie Ahoy: Stamina Nightblade khajiit WW DPS/tank
Mixes-With-Mud: Stamina Warden khajiit WW DPS and also mixes potions
Tyrenan: Magicka Warden khajiit healer
Always-Brings-Light: Magicka Dragonknight argonian WW DPS
Howls-At-Moons: Stamina Warden argonian WW healer
Giggles-At-Everything: Stamina Sorc argonian WW DPS
Hugger-Of-Griffons: Stamina DK argonian WW poison focused DPS and ring/necklace crafter.

Wishlist from ZOS: Chestnut Unicorn mount and the Lilmothiit race, would definitely pay 10K crowns or even 20K crowns for it.

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