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More Utility in Player Housing

Player housing was an amazing update to the game that I think was much needed. However, it could, and should go further.

This post is specifically about the larger houses. And what finally pushed me to post this suggestion was the introduction of the soon to be released Linchal Grand Manor. This place looks amazing. And its HUGE. I am 99% sure that I am going to purchase it. But I feel that, due to its incredible size, that it will mostly be underutilized by simply being a player house for trophies and unusable furniture. My suggestion contains multiple ideas and I will categorize them below.

NOTE: This suggestion is specifically for the highest tier of houses such as the Overlook, Cavern, Linchal, etc.

Guild Integration
A player who is also a guildmaster should be able to set the house as the official guildhall. Which would enable players to travel to it via the guild menu, rather than having them go to the roster and select the guildmaster and then visit primary residence. Also, by designating it as the official guildhall, it would allow the guildmaster a few unique items to place down such as a banker npc allowing access to the guilds bank and store. The ability to place banners or various sizes fashioned with the guild logo could also be purchasable just as the guild tabard was.

A Player Run Social Hub
One of the issues that people are experiencing is overwhelming lag in cities with a lot of players. Especially in the main cities where the Undaunted are located. Many players, like myself, experience a higher rate of crashes in and around these areas due to the huge player population. The ability to add features like an Undaunted Enclave would be nice. Perhaps also general merchants where you could repair armor or purchase runes or potions. A stablemaster would also be a great addition as well.

I know many of these have been suggested before. And I am not usually one to constantly ask for features to be added. But I think these are essential in creating a more robust housing feature.

Let me know what you guys think.
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