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(EU PC) Multi purpose EP Guild: Legion Of The Ruby Throne

Soul Shriven
The Legion Of The Ruby Throne Guild Is A Lore Friendly RP Guild. PvP and PvE will be played together and has been designed to be a friendly starter guild where all are Pact members are welcome. A Set Of Imperial Armor will be provided for every member.

The Red Diamond

Backstory: During the Reign Of Varen Aquilarios, Abnur Tharn set up an Extra Imperial Legion, a secret Legion, that would strike from the shadows as a strike force to only use at the most dire times. With members spanning all of Tamriel they were trained to be the best troops in the entire Empire, however come the soul burst and the disappearance of the 5 Companions Molag Bals Daedric Hordes swept through Cyrodiil while the Legion was Indisposed on a secret mission in Windhelm in Skyrim after hearing of the Daedric Invasion they also heard of an Alliance led by the Skald King Jorunn seeing it as their only opportunity into retaking Cyrodiil they joined up and have been with the EP since. However heavly losses have been taken and the Legions final member seeks to rebuild the Guild from the Bottom back up...
contact @Rainfrog ingame or reply on this Thread if you wish to join!
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