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Need help with Thieves Guild heists.

Hi guys. So I've attempted a few heists and I've noticed quite often when I pick up a treasure it tells me I've picked it up but the counter doesn't register it. It still says 0/3. Is that a bug or is the first one a deliberate red herring? Or am I doing something wrong? It seems to usually be the first one so I would just ignore the first one but the annoying thing is the next chest won't appear until you get the first one.

Also is there somewhere I can trade motifs rather than putting them up for sale? All I want is a bow, dagger and any med armor. Wouldn't you know it the three times I've completed a heist I've got an axe and two maces. The next one will be a maul or a shield. You watch.

  • ladymarisab14_ESO
    I don't seem to have a problem with the chests themselves, I can get the treasures just fine. Are you being seen when you're picking the lock? Or are you looting the chest after picking it? (assuming you don't auto loot). I won't get an update if I happen to be seen, so timing is important. Though I don't know if that is your issue. I don't do the heists myself because invariable, I always get seen/ trapped by the wandering named on my way out and lose too much time. I loathe the heists. I'm rather good at and fond of the DB Sacraments though and I know those frustrate some people too, so maybe it's just a matter of play style.

    As far as trading goes, just use zone chat unfortunately, or a forum post? In chat though, you can also link your style master achievement list do people can see what motif you need without you typing everything out.
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