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PC EU The Order of Silver knights are recruiting ! (Roleplaying guild)

We are a newly formed RP guild based in Auridon.Do you like being a knight in shiny armour and conquer evil or perhaps you a wise scholar implententing their wisdom on us? We have diverse roles available!
Long ago the foundations of the Order were laid down by an aldmer. Over time it was built upon and perfected, making them become what they are today. A symbol of the greater good, knowledge, discipline and determination. We are looking for patriots of the Dominion, warriors that wish to fight for the better good and scholars interested in studying the world and learn alongside the Silver Knights

We can offer you a friendly guild, character progression and potential to grow into an officer role, a guildhouse and discord server. We in return ask people to be active and mature roleplayers and enjoy partaking in events and/or organising him. We try to go beyond casual tavern RP (although there is room for that too) into sweeping and engaging story lines. People who enjoy creativity and writing are also particularly welcomed. We accept all races.

For more information please contact @freyare or @akhakan (in game).

We hope to hear from you!
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