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Turg Fiction: The Houses That We Build

Hello, ESO community.

TL;DR version: I have a biography story to share for my in-game characters that I hope you all find to be engaging. Originally written for a bio "short story" contest for Ethereal Traders Union (NA/PC) under another slightly different name (renamed here because it took me six months to come up with a better name).

Turg Fiction: The Houses That We Build (hosted via Google Drive)

Somewhat Longer Foreword:

It's been a while since I've shared my writing publicly - haven't done it since 2012 when City of Heroes was shut down. I originally started a series of fanfic submissions back in 2003 with a FPSMMO named "Planetside". For lack of a better marketing moniker, I began naming these "Turg Fiction" to make it easier for my (more frequent, back then) stories would be more visible in a forum list. I kept the same habit in my submissions to the City of Heroes forums.

I write for pleasure, for practice and if I'm honest, for therapy. Most of my stories center in some way around the name "Ivan Turgenev", which is my online handle/fictional name for pretty much everything (what, you put your real name on the internet?). From the point of view of a New Conglomerate grunt in Planetside, to living life as a modern mage in City of Heroes, to Elder Scrolls online, where early on, I opted to give all my characters the surname of "at'Turgenev", ostensibly for practical purposes (I'm recognizable at a glance), but also with a mad, half-formed idea way back in beta, where all my characters were related somehow.

This piece represents the fruition of that seed of an idea, where we peer a bit into the world of my head from the viewpoint of (at least then) my most recent toon: A Breton Templar named Castain, feeling a pull to join something greater than he.

I hope you enjoy it. If you are willing, I'd be happy to hear impressions (good and bad, we have to learn from our mistakes as well as our successes) either by posting in this thread, or mailing me in game (PC/NA remember) at my @Turgenev handle. And if we knew each other, once upon an MMO, say hi. I like hearing from old friends. :)

Cheers, and never stop reading and writing. Words are power.

Turgenev || PS | COH | STO | TSW | ESO
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