Daggerfall outlook help with upstairs

I have most of the home just the way I want and looks awesome but I'm having an issue with the upstairs part.

The room above the throne room is weird shape and I'm not sure what I can do. I visited a bunch of friends homes and they have it blank or just random stuff that does not look good.

Has anyone been able to use that room and do anything cool with it? I'm looking for inspiration on this bc everything I try just looks weird.
  • Aurie
    That's a difficult one, as it's just a gallery overlooking the throne room really. I'm saving that for last^^

    I suppose theoretically one could floor over the middle with wide planks and carpets to cover them, which would give a nice large room to play with. But obviously that would lower the ceiling of the throne room underneath, so not sure how that would look. Worth giving it a go though.
  • Haruspex
    I struggled with that area for a long time. I ended up placing the 8 sigils with stands there after a few different attempts to decorate the odd space. I think it works nicely as a display area featuring similar items: paintings, plants, and smaller statues would probably work well. There's enough room for a small seating area also.

    It's a bit plain but I really like the light that the sigil stands give off since the area is pretty dark without lighting. 8rBQfPA.png

    I've also thought about putting some type of flooring across the opening to make the usable space larger but I'd hate to lose the view from below.
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  • Nestor
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    Probably the best thing to do with that upstairs area is to make it a Trophy Room and or Art Gallery. Not sure how the wall space is for paintings, but we have lots of statues and whatnot to place in there.
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  • OmniDo
    The first room prior to the larger upstairs room, I used to facilitate my crafting center.

    I transformed my upper area into a "Meeting" Hall with seats from all but a few races.
    The goal was to facilitate a "council" for Vampires of all races, or human representatives.

    I then used the original "bedroom" as a Lodging room for "mortal" guests.

    Oh dear, it looks like someone might have been drained in their sleep...

    Irritatingly, until (or even "IF") Z0$ raises the item cap, Ive unfortunately used all 700 slots and cannot decorate any further. Some things will have to be removed or replaced.
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  • Haruspex
    OmniDo, I really like that you put bookshelves on the small walkways. Those areas would actually look great as part of a large library or study.

    Very nice decorating btw :)
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  • FloppyTouch
    Very nice I'm trying the wide planks and making a stage area. Might even try a library but I'm limited to 40 slots
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  • Haruspex
    Very nice I'm trying the wide planks and making a stage area. Might even try a library but I'm limited to 40 slots

    That's a great spot for a stage area, I wish you luck on building it. It would be nice if we got bards and musical instruments some day. I hope you post some screenshots when you are finished :)
    Put planks to cover the open area to create another floor space.
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  • Akunin
    I made that the dining area with the sides being addition seating overlooking the night mother alter below.

    Hmm, I'll have to add pictures later
  • Texecutioner187
    O_LYKOS wrote: »
    Put planks to cover the open area to create another floor space.

    THIS. I added planks and carpeted the whole thing and turned it into a fireplace...



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  • Vicarra
    One of the things I quite like doing in those small open areas above other floors is to make indoor gardens. Usually I use the largest stone-looking object I can find (either the daedric base, or statue base (square)) to pave over and then either put pots to make it into a sort of greenhouse, or make it into an aquarium, or just literally cover the entire thing in plants so you can't see the floor underneath. Since my character is an alchemist, this makes sense for me, but it does work quite well. If you don't want to use the item limit to pave over, you could put some wooden troughs sunken into the sides of the walls (overhanging the area below) and put plants in those as if they're spider plants in hanging baskets.
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