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Balance over PvP gear or not?

Hey guys,
welcome to another poll. Just want your statement for this.

I thought about the implementation from extremly strong PvP sets to get a good PvP balance. This would allow, that we dont need a seperation from PvE and PvP and could buff "weaker" classes more then "stronger". This sets would have 11-12 pieces and could buyable with alliance points (until 10 piecebonus every new bonus is stronger like that before, like a synergybonus. The 11&12 piece bonis are just something like weapondamage/spelldamage with weapons). I thought 3 setversions for each class (1for each armortype)and 6 for all to have enough diversity. We never need to talk about cancer builds, monstersets or other overpowered stuff..

Pls dont flame me, its just an idea ;)

What do you think about and its your opinion?

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Balance over PvP gear or not? 11 votes

Yes, for strong PvPsets to get a balance over gear.
DeHeiKagheiGhost-Shot 3 votes
No, i like the actually "balance"
TaonnorEtaniel 2 votes
I think we dont have balance, but there must be another solution
ToRelaxLettigallEirellaDerraGreenSoup2HoTSubversus 6 votes
  • NBrookus
    But theorycrafting and testing builds is half the fun? And it's great sometimes running into peoples' crazy builds that work.
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  • idk
    The OPs suggestion seems less about balance than just wanting stronger gear. The focus of the statement is getting stronger gear, mostly.

    Don't really know why the answers in the poll are about balance.
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    Really, idk
  • Subversus
    I think we dont have balance, but there must be another solution
    I agree with @NBrookus , theory crafting is one of the two reasons I play ESO and not SWTOR, other being that I don't have to subscribe to pvp.
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