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No 165 in queue for Vivec...

...but I'm in in less than 30 seconds :).
It's great but I wonder how the queue system works, does it somehow prefer the Subscribers by giving them some VIP status?
If I end subscription I'll have to wait full time for the spot?
And does it count for Battlegrounds too?
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  • Sanct16
    The number you see is just wrong.
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  • Iyas
    Its ppl queing who are offline. Was in Queue in the evening and logged off. Got an Instant invite next morning
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    That 165 people probably got dc'd simultaneously lmfao
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  • Ackwalan
    You can be queued up and off line at the same time. You can queue up then log off and your place will still count down to 1 and then hold it for you. When you log back in, you can then go right into PvP. As long as the whole zone does not crash, your queue place will be saved.
  • Telel
    Derp. wrong thread.
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