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List of quests that reward furniture

Soul Shriven
Hi all,
Sorry, not delivering on the title but hoping to start a list. The only one I know so far is:

Lost Library of Andule / Ancestral Tombs Hunter
  • raj72616a
    not exactly quests, but all dungeons and trials give trophy furnitures
  • Haruspex
    Sir Socks's Ball of Yarn

    There is a small chance to get random Ashlander furnishings (so far I've only got the cheese knife) and the Crimson Shard of Moonshadow from the dailies in Ald'ruhn.

    Not exactly a quest, but if you have the shadowy supplier from the Thieves Guild you have a rare chance at getting furniture from each of her dialogue options (vile of blood from potions/poison option, sacrificial heart from gear option, candles of silence and light and shadows from stealthy option).
    Edited by Haruspex on July 30, 2017 1:34PM
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