Destiny of the great war revealed in Skyrim?

Vignar Gray-Mane says in Skyrim: "When the empire surrendered to the aldmeri dominion, they shamed us all!"

So, am i correct when i say that in the end, AD was victorious of this great war raging in ESO?
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  • Ghanima_Atreides
    Um, the events in ESO take place in the 2nd Era. Skyrim takes place in the 4th era. There are hundreds of years in between the two and Vignar is referring to a completely different Aldmeri Dominion.
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  • adriant1978
    See this page for info on how the Aldmeri Dominion in Skyrim's time is not the same one as in ESO.
  • Dark_Claw
    He was referring to the White-Gold Concordat which was a peace treaty the Emperor was forced to sign to avoid being completely screwed by the Thalmor. I'm fairly sure none of the three Alliances won and instead the Empire ended up taking back control of Cyrodiil.
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