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Returning Player searching for a guild ( family friendly /nonCasual)


Hey guys,

I`m searching for a family friendly but nonCasual new Home for my characters =) . NonCasual i mean that my new homies are guys who want to play the best they can, learn together and take the game to some degree seriously. But on the other hand are friendly and fun the play with! I want a guild where i can enjoy pve and pvp content with my new mates!

I would like to jump in the eso endgame (Have not done any raid in eso, but was a world class top player in swtor, hardcore raider in swtor/wow and ff14).

Would like to join pve content with my stam templar (Because the new set is cool on them)
and Join PvP Fun with my StamSorc - Im like the build pvp werewolf builds and stam is just cool for that.

Some other things to know:
CP 300 atm, played the game super casual and with long breaks.
24 years old , i a father so thats why you guys need to be family friendly
open raid shedule (i can join the fun 20/21 every day!)

My native language is german, but im very voice active in englisch too =) So i will join the discord or team speak fun right away!

Hope to find a new home!

Best regards!
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