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Ishura – Heavy RP Guild (NA/PC)


Ishura started way back in 2003/2004 with the launch of World of Warcraft. The guild’s basic principle is that it functions as a stand alone society with its own laws, customs, and at one point, it’s own language. As an attorney who, many years ago, majored in Politics, I have always found myself fascinated with societal structures and customs and wanted to bring that kind of complexity into my gaming world. Since then, the core band of Ishura has gamed together through multiple platforms, and we now call ESO home.

The concept of Ishura is very complex. We have a Hereditary Monarchy type arrangement with many books of laws and codes that the guild runs on. The guild’s core concept is that it is a refuge – peoples who would otherwise be rejected from their societies band together, regardless of race or creed, to pledge loyalty to Ishura and build a new society together. In ESO, Ishura is neutral in the Alliance war, and has a very racially diverse citizenry. Ishura tends to settle itself far away from the major cities and functions independently, with our ‘ranks’ depicting one’s profession rather than hierarchy, unless of course we’re talking about the High Council or the Royal House (Lord/Lady).

This is very different, admittedly, than other guilds as we are thrive in complexity. Social structures, customs, reputation, judicial branches, emissaries and a standing army were all part of our day-to-day guild experience. We aim to rebuild the glory days of Ishura (2006-2007 when we had over 300 members and a very active website on WoW) where there were lively debates on the recent events of the in-game world and its effect on Ishuran society.

Granted, our founding core is much older now with responsibilities, careers, and other lively things, but we strive to slowly rebuild ourselves to our former glory in about a year’s time. To do this, however, we are looking for core members to help with our growth.

Anyone with guild leadership experience who are willing to follow the command structure of Ishura and want to be an integral part of our rebirth are encouraged to reach out to me in game @nomadicinstinct or via message on this forum to learn more.

Looking forward to recruiting a couple of officers and planning the rebirth of Ishura! Website and other infrastructure and being prepared at the moment.
Haytham of Ishura, Son of Sufyan, House Bayan
Lord of the Noble House Ishura - {ISHURA} Heavy-RP Guild
ESO North America Server
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