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Imperial City Quests

Soul Shriven
The Imperial City is a difficult DLC in and of itself. It's crawling with a boss-level daedra and other enemy NPC's. But add in that enemy players can attack you while completing quests is both annoying and extremely inconveniant. Zenimax, please consider adding a mechanic or gameplay option to turn off PVP while completing the DLC quests in this area. Even if it's selectively limited to having the quest marker on to have the option would be great!
  • Publius_Scipio
    Won't happen. Imperial City was designed as a PvP zone. Like Cyrodiil you can quest there but the risk of being attacked by other players is baked in.

    But for a long time now, the PvE in imp city has been toned down. You can easily solo mobs in there (I'm assuming you are a higher CP level). Also as far as I know it's very empty compared to what it used to be. You should be able to complete the whole storyline and not see another player.
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  • Enodoc
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    On that note, every time the quest takes you somewhere where you have dialogue etc, it's a safe zone where PvP is disabled.
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  • Nestor
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    Sneak can keep you out of almost all trouble up there with the mobs. Worry not about getting killed other than Telvar, the respawn point is fairly close to the room you access all the areas with. For the Telvar, just go back to base periodically and deposit them.

    That being said, it is designed to be a difficult zone so it is best handled by a group or a character at or near cap.
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  • Ghettokid
  • disintegr8
    I don't find the NPC enemies to be that bad now, they have been nerfed. The fact that you have to watch out for PVP enemy as well as NPC makes IC challenging.

    I have never actually done an IC quest.
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