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Sumare - Female/Breton

Soul Shriven
Sumare Ironleaf (SOO-mare) - Brenton
Healing and frost magic - Heavy armor and a spear
Brown hair, blue eyes, stands 5'2", slender build
Noticeable burns on the lower left side of her face and both hands

((RP-Timeline-wise, the Vestige (which she is not, obviously) has completed the main storyline and she may make references to that at times. I have yet to finish it so not 100% sure how it ends but think I know enough for what I need. Also, going more from standard, custom elder scrolls character customization, rather than classes that need to be in play in ESO))

[Supporting NPC's : Hides-Her-Face (Female/Argonian), Storok (Male/Nord), Galorz (Male/Orc), Rugm (Male/Orc), Sendroi (Male/Dunmer), Perdinor (Male/Bosmer), Itenian (Male/Altmer), Do'S'Va (Male/Khajiit), Fihrus (Male/Redguard)]

The party of ten had set up camp on the edge of the marsh. One of many it seemed to Sumare. After the excitement with the Vestige leading the guilds into Coldharbor and destroying Mannimarco and his plots, she had found herself far to the east. Seeking to return home, she had sought out the local fighter's guild and decided to hang around, taking jobs with the members there. Most of the work lately, was stamping out pockets of daedra still in Tamriel or cells of the Cult of Worm that had scattered with their master's demise. This was one such mission. Believed to be close to a dozen daedra harassing local plantations, the guild sent the larger group, to be on the safe side.

Perdinor and Fihrus were out scouting for the possible location of the daedra, while the two orcs were taking sentry duty in between a couple of the larger plantations that hadn't been attacked yet. The six back at camp sat in their pairs around a low-burning fire. While the fighter's guild was neutral, she found the racial ties were still evident. Whether consciously or not, everyone seemed to gravitate to those in the same alliance as themselves. The exception being Sumare and Hides-Her-Face. The two had struck a friendship early. Being the only women as well as both using spears, they found a common kinship with each other. Nights like tonight made it even more welcome are the rest of the Daggerfall Covenant were all out. Not that she would sit with Fihrus or the orcs, as the three seemed to give her a wide birth since she became friends with the argonian.

"Wench! Slave! Make us some food!" Barked Sendroi,

"Aye. If ya won't let me poke ya, you may as well have another use." Storok chimed in.

Sumare rolled her eyes and hunger her head. The nord and dunmer were crude and arrogant. The former also having a temper that made everyone's hands go to their weapons at times. While she had no doubt her comrades from the Aldmeri Dominion were trustworthy, she had even less that these two would stick a knife in her if they had a chance. Stick something, anyways.

"I feel a bigger poke whenever a scale comes lose," Hides-Her-Tails shot back. Sumare hid her face as she giggled and even the usually stern Itenian let out a chuckle.

"What'd you say? You ***!" The nord said angrily, rising to his feet.

The camp quickly bristled at the outburst, but Iternian stepped between the two groups, one hand extended each way.

"I think she mentioned that causing too much noise could ruin any chance we have or tracking down our quarry."

Storok stopped his advance and seemed to change his mind as he returned to his seat next to Sendroi.

"Not even worth it."

Sumare released a breath she hadn't known she'd been holding as the two Pact members went back to their conversation. She looked over at her companion, who was gazing in to the fire. Her eyes locked on the tip of the argonians tongue that hung out slightly on the left side of her snout. Having long ago broken her jaw severely, Hides-Her-Face wasn't able to have it set and heal properly. This made her face slightly crooked and when she wasn't consciously making an effort to keep it in, her tongue hung out. Her self-consciousness about it is what led to her common name. Constantly hiding the lower part of her face.

"Look at her. Staring all doe-eyed at the lizard. Makes me sick" The nord interrupted again. "Two of you should just rut it out if you're going to."

"Don't even need a man!" Sendroi added. " Scales has her tail for that."

"C'mon. Ya know you want a piece of-"

"Enough, all of you." Do'S'Va interjected before Storok could finish. The Khajiit rarely spoke and usually when he did, it signaled whatever argument was happening was over. Even the nord and dunmer respected that. Sumare was glad for it. Often the two would poke at there being romance between the two. Their vulgarity not allowing Sumare even to make a friend. Not that there was anything wrong with being more than friends with an argonian, she added to herself.

Light was slowly returning to her vision. She felt like she'd been lit on fire. It took her several moments to realize she was over someone's shoulder who was running hard. It took her a few more to realize she wasn't at the camp with Hides-Her-Face and the others. The jostling quickly lit the pain to a roar and she cried out. The running stopped and she was lowered to the ground with hasten care. She could feel water splashed on her face as it was wiped off. She let out a gasp, the cold sending shooting tendrils of pain across her jaw.

Storok knelt over her, drinking from the skin. He look battered and bloody. Sumare's spear was in one hand as he looked back down.

"We can't stop long. We're not safe yet." He told her, offering some of the skin to her.

Sumare tried to take some, but opening her mouth made her head spin in pain as fire raced around her face again. Storok cradled her head and poured some in the thin opening she was able to make.

"The damn elves," Storok began explaining, knowing she would ask if she could, "the altmer lit you and Hides up while Perdinor cut Sendroi's throat out. He lunged at me and got me good in the side." He said, showing her the caked mess of blood on his left. Sumare could see a couple of ribs in the gore as he continued. "I grabbed you and ran, while Do fought the two. At least one race of the Dominion has honor. Found one of the orcs with his neck cut on my way out. Guessing the bosmer did in the three before coming back to camp. They had this whole thing planned!"

Sumare tried sitting up, she wanted to see why her body hurt so much. The nord realized and held her down, shaking his head.

"It's bad. Got flesh and fabric gone and metal melded to you. Healers will be able to do some, but it's not going to look pretty after."

Sumare took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. What he said made sense with the agonizing pain she felt. A thought crossed her mind and she looked back up, able to choke out a single word.


The man whom she had hated for so long shook his head sadly. Sumare understood. Hides-Her-Face had been sitting closer to Itenian. If Sumare was this bad from the spell, there was no chance her friend had made it. Storok picked her up, this time cradling her, and began running again. Sumare could only allow him to as she tuck her head in and began crying. Not because of the explosion of pain in every stride, but because of the loss of her only friend.
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