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Looking for EP PvP guild

Hi there, been playing PvE for a long time and now looking to turn my hand to PvP.

Completed all vet content except Vmol and vHoF, stormproof on Templar, Magsorc and Stamsorc. Have PvE Tank and Heal also.

Primarily I'll be playing a magplar in PvP and looking for an active guild who focusses on this, doing BG's, AvA and IC sewers.

Looking to learn and be a part of a team to achieve the EP domination :)

Breakfast King
  • NeillMcAttack
    At Snowborn we do quite a bit of PvP. Mostly small scale. We also do a bit of everything. If you are interested you can check out the link in my sig and apply if you like what you see. There are even videos of some of our more fun nights in Cyro and IC and we even crowned two of our members emperor.
    PC EU - NoCP PvP, is real PvP
    Tiidehunter Nord StamDK EP PvP Main
    Legion Commander Tresdin Stamplar DC PvE Main
    Sephirith Altmer MagPlar EP Gondar the Bounty Hunter Khajiit StamBlade DC
    The Dirge Redguard StamNecro EP Disruptor Stormcrafter Nord StamSorc AD
    Lone Druid Bosmer Stam Warden EP Necro-Phos Argonian MagBlade AD
    @ McAttack in game
    Played since beta, and then on console at release, until the game became unplayable on console.
  • SquareSausage
    Thanks @NeillMcAttack I joined a pvp guild last week, so no longer looking atm.
    Breakfast King
    PS4 EU
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