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Friendly end-game raid guild looking for players with potential

Reprisal is a new raiding and end-game content guild looking for players with potential as well as dedication. Although experience in trials is greatly welcomed, our main focus is to recruit players with the potential to learn mechanics and work effectively under pressure. This includes being able to deal high amounts of damage or healing whilst avoiding deadly mechanics. So whether you're a skilled player with knowledge of solo and small group content or if you're ready to make the jump from normal to veteran trials, you will be greatly welcomed by Reprisal.

What we are looking for
  • Damage dealers - 30K DPS self-buffed or 35K buffed under stress.
  • Tanks - able to tank damage effectively without relying on a healer and being able to chain adds quickly.
  • Healers - able to heal a large group, apply buffs and survive under stress.
  • Friendly, active players with a positive attitude towards others and the potential to learn.
  • We would prefer the completion of veteran maelstrom arena with a decent score of 400K+ although this is not a requirement.
  • Must use discord, it's free and offers helpful features.
  • Able to speak English.
What we have to offer
  • Helpful advice on gear sets, builds, add-ons and interface layout.
  • Trials.
  • Dungeons.
  • Theory craft debate.
  • Well-managed discord server.
  • No-death and achievement runs.
How to join
If you think Reprisal is the guild for you then leave a comment with your in-game name or contact @One-Ticked or @Apexeape in-game. The tests we will be running are highly flexible, therefore we will let you decide how you want to be tested whether it's a DPS test on a dummy or a run through a DLC dungeon with no healer. Showing a prestigious achievement such as flawless conqueror or having a very high score in any of the trials will get you an invite instantly. Note that we will help you improve in any way possible if you fail the test so that you can eventually pass it. Feel free to pop into our discord server.
May the deeps be with you
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  • ulic3190b16_ESO
    This is an amazing guild, I have joined and received a lot of help with rotation advice it has improved my dps and my play-style enormously. The guild leader is hard but fair and for those people looking to advance to end game veteran raiding THIS IS THE GUILD FOR YOU!!!

    Give it a shot I can not recommend it enough
  • Araxyte
    Bump, still looking
    | All classes | PC EU |
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